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Thawte Web Server EV is a premium Extended Validation certificate that offers ultimate website security and trust. Highly recommended for traffic-heavy e-commerce sites, financial institutions, and large enterprises, this SSL product delivers top-notch encryption, a gigantic warranty, and the highest assurance that your website is safe for transactions.

SSL validation type label, DV,OV,EV
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Server Licensing
business days
to issue
authorized reseller
refund policy
No price gimmic, all SSL prices are stable and wont be changed later
no price gimmick
no hidden fees
SSL certificate warranty
$ 1,500,000
SSLGRAM price:
$146.67 /YEAR
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Secure your website with domain SSL - protect domain with encryption and boost SEO rankings. Get domain SSL certificate to ensure website security and trust.

Thawte Web Server EV is a type of SSL/TLS certificate offered by Thawte, a leading Certificate Authority. This certificate is designed to provide the highest level of authentication and trust for websites, particularly for e-commerce sites and other online businesses that handle sensitive information.

It is a powerful solution for businesses that require the highest level of authentication and trust for their website. To obtain a Thawte Web Server EV certificate, you will need to go through a rigorous validation process that includes confirming the identity of the business and the owner of the domain name. Once the validation process is complete, you can generate the certificate and install it on your web server. The certificate will then secure your website with strong encryption and authentication, and the green address bar in the browser will provide customers with a high level of trust and assurance.

Extended Validation
Secures 1 domain by default
Dynamic site seal
Unlimited server licensing
Compatible with almost any platform
$1,500,000 warranty
SHA-2 hashing algorithm
Up to 256-bit encryption
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