Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain @ $20.00

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (UCC/SAN) is our cheapest and most popular multi-domain certificate. If you need to secure several websites, this certificate is the fastest way to do it. You can get it in five minutes with domain verification only. Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (UCC/SAN) is the most cost-effective solution to encrypt your entire web portfolio. It comes with the following features:

SSL validation type label, DV,OV,EV
SSL certificate unlimited server licensing logo
Server Licensing
to issue
authorized reseller
refund policy
No price gimmic, all SSL prices are stable and wont be changed later
no price gimmick
no hidden fees
SSL certificate warranty
$ 10,000
SSLGRAM price:
$20.00 /YEAR
Vendor price:

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Streamline Your Website's Security with Multi-Domain SSL: Protect Multiple Domains at Once

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain is a type of SSL/TLS certificate that provides domain validation and basic encryption for multiple domains. It is an affordable and entry-level SSL certificate that is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and personal websites that need to secure up to 100 different domain names. The Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain certificate provides up to 256-bit encryption and a 2048-bit RSA key length, ensuring that all data transmitted between the website and the visitor is secure and cannot be intercepted or tampered with. It also includes a Sectigo Secure seal that can be displayed on the website to indicate that the website is secure and trustworthy. The certificate comes with a $50,000 warranty that covers any financial loss resulting from a breach of the certificate. It is compatible with most web browsers and mobile devices and includes unlimited reissues, making it easy to renew or replace the certificate as needed.

Domain Validation
Secures 3 domains by default
256-bit Encryption
$10,000 Warranty
Site Seal
2048-bit CSR Encryption
5 minute issue time
Trust Seal
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