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DigiCert Wildcard SSL is a premium Business Validation certificate that can secure an unlimited number of subdomains along with the main domain. The perfect choice for e-commerce stores and medium to larger-sized companies, this powerful cert offers cutting-edge encryption, an outstanding warranty, and the most powerful site seal in the industry guaranteed to boost your sales and reputation.

One Domain & All Sub-domains
SSL validation type label, DV,OV,EV
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$566.67 /YEAR
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Secure your subdomains with Wildcard SSL | Get a Secure Certificate for All Subdomains with Wildcard SSL from sslgram.com

The excellent SSL certificate with a powerful name and features. DigiCert Wildcard has 256-bit encryption and supports both RSA and the most powerful ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) encryption algorithms. Using one Wildcard SSL, you can protect your domain as well as an unlimited number of subdomains. SSL includes Priority verification, a 1-year warranty, and unlimited free reissues. DigiCert's professional team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week during all purchase and usage periods. You would also receive the Norton SecuredTM Site Seal logo to attract more visitors to your website.

Unlimited subdomains
CertCentral Certificate Management Platform
Static Site Seal
Improve website rank in Google
Certificate Transparency logging.
$1,250,000 in Warranty
2048 bit public key encryption
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