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DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard is a top-of-the-line SSL certificate with premium features that give your website unparalleled security boost and customer trust. This product secures unlimited subdomains along with the main domain under Business Validation – the highest level of assurance available to Wildcard certificates. On top of that, it also offers a huge warranty and a popular trust indicator, all for your website’s safety and customer satisfaction.

One Domain & All Sub-domains
SSL validation type label, DV,OV,EV
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business days
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authorized reseller
refund policy
No price gimmic, all SSL prices are stable and wont be changed later
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$1611.67 /YEAR
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Secure your subdomains with Wildcard SSL | Get a Secure Certificate for All Subdomains with Wildcard SSL from sslgram.com

The RSA/ECC hash methods and 256-bit encryption are included with the DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard SSL. It can secure an unlimited number of subdomains under your parent domain because it is wildcard. To be identified over the phone, you must successfully complete the business validation, domain ownership verification, and callback process. Each Secure Site Wildcard certificate includes a 1,500,000 $ warranty. The Secure Site Wildcard SSL certificate includes a daily malware site scan and the Norton SecuredTM Seal mark. You have access to assistance seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, using that SSL. Verisign, another name for DigiCert, is regarded as one of the top certificate authorities (CAs) worldwide. Undoubtedly, the Wildcard SSL that we provide for sale in our SSL store is really unique.

Unlimited subdomains
CertCentral Certificate Management Platform
Dynamic Site Seal
Improve website rank in Google
Certificate Transparency logging.
$2 Million in Warranty
2048 bit public key encryption
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